Respite Groups

Running at two venues across the district and split into Primary and Secondary age groups, our evening Respite Groups provide young carers with a welcome chance to take a break from their caring responsibilities. They are able to come and join in a diverse range of social, physical, sporting and creative activities, together with opportunities for informal and formal learning, assistance with homework, and to receive advice and support where needed; but the young carers tell us one of the key benefits for them is the opportunity to just sit and chat with other young people in similar circumstances. The Primary groups are open to 6-11 year olds, with the Secondary groups open to 11 year olds through to 19th birthday. With the primary to secondary school transition being a major life event our staff are able to support and facilitate this to ease the way between the two.

With each group meeting fortnightly we provide a total of eight group sessions each month, led by one of our support workers and assisted by a dedicated team of sessional workers and volunteers. These groups meet some of our main targets, to reduce social exclusion, widen peer networks and to offer these often disadvantaged children and young people a range of new opportunities to broaden their experiences and raise aspiration, raise self-esteem and confidence, whilst being able to access support and advice.

Caring is motivated by love and compassion and can be rewarding and fulfilling but emotional and physical demands on you can be draining and stressful. Every Carer faces an individual situation. You may be experiencing anger, depression, exhaustion, fear, guilt, isolation or even resentment

Your role is a valuable one – it is priceless, especially to those you care for. Your well-being therefore is paramount and taking time out for yourself can enable you to cope with the often roller-coaster road of caring.

“You are not alone”