Young Carers Passports

Following a pilot scheme in partnership with Greensward Academy, SCAFT have developed a Young Carers Passport Scheme for use in secondary schools, which is now in general use in both Greensward Academy, King Edmund and The Sweyne Park School.

The scheme is designed to give schools an opportunity to help identify and recognise the caring responsibilities held by young carers; as well as a way of affirming their support to these students. The scheme also gives young carers a visual record of the concessions given to them by the school in terms of additional support; and means that they don’t have to explain their story to each individual member of staff in order to access those support mechanisms. It gives staff reassurance that a student claiming access to a support strategy has the entitlement to do so and that their circumstances and needs have been assessed by the Young Carers Lead.

The passport is designed to be personalised to each school and to be tailored to individual student needs. Like a real passport ‘visa stamps’ can be added to show the particular entitlements of the holder. e.g. that they may register late or leave early, that they may need extra time to complete homework, may need access to a phone to check the situation at home is stable, may need to be excused from afternoon detentions or may need time-out from class to compose themselves if they become distracted or distressed.

This brief video explains the ideas and benefits of Passports for Young Carers in Schools from the point of view of a student




To discuss introducing such a scheme in your school please call us on 01268 741811 or Contact Us 

SCAFT are currently cooperating in  a study being undertaken by Nottingham University into the use of Young Carers Passports as a useful way to support young carers.
The development and initial implementation of this passport scheme was  funded by Sanctuary Housing through the Maureen’s Gift Fund.