Coping with Seizures as a Family

Having someone in the family who suffers from seizures can be difficult and scary to manage for everyone, particularly children, whether they are are the one having a seizure, trying to support someone who is experiencing a seizure or someone witnessing it. It is important that everyone in the family has an appropriate understanding of what is going on and how to respond. This will reassure the person having a seizure that they will receive the support they need, and help reduce anxiety amongst the rest of the family, through having a clear picture of what is happening and what their role is in helping.

Remember that whilst seizures can be scary and embarrassing they can usually be managed with some planning and everyone will cope better knowing what is happening and what to do.

We have compiled a range of information from the NHS, Epilepsy Society and Epilepsy Foundation into a guide that may be helpful and give you some ideas of ways to make seizures more manageable and less frightening. You can find the guide HERE

You can also find a template for creating a Seizure Action Plan for your family HERE , it is only intended as a guide and you can make changes and additions to suit your situation.